Our activities include: 

  • Sponsoring single parent/orphan children/poor GIRL children to continue school education
  • Promoting child rights
  • Training school/college dropout  unemployed youth/young women in different skills ( such as computer basics, tailoring, beautician, spoken english, life skills, office management  etc ) and create employability potential among them. Providing free  family and career counseling and placement services. 
  • Adopting destitute and poor aged living in the community and supplying their requirements of Nutrition and Toiletries  for their survival
  • Taking up health awareness, camps and hygiene activities in the rural and urban slums
  • Environment protection, rain water harvesting, grow more trees, bio diversity, climate change… etc
  • Other need based projects for sustainable development of poor and needy

 We accept donations in kind such as Note books, educational material, rice, dhal, sugar, soaps, oils, biscuits, consumable items, clothes for all age groups (new or used) etc.



help santhosha to complete her B.Ed.

your contributions to meet her expenses would be a great help so that she can have a better future …..

sponsor to save rain water  by recharge pit or recycling unit.

sahara is constructing model recycling or recharge units in the drought prone or in problematic villages to educate the mass on the subject and to adopt the method.
the sponsor name will be inscribed on the unit and awareness will be conducted.
Most of the units will be in the school premises, anganwadi centres, SHG centres, etc…
the donors will get 80G exemption, feed back on the unit, photos and the benefits by the units to the community.

sponsor to grow more trees

with sponsorship of Rs 10,000, 100 saplings will be grown in the name of the donor, and maintained till it survives. these trees will be adopted by the students/elderly in the village. and they will be the owners of the trees in the future. this will develop interest in growing more trees and saves our environment. 80 G exemption is available for the donors.

sponsor a child to continue school education:

the single parent/orphan children who are in the verge of getting school dropouts will be identified and supported to continue school education. under each one sponsor one program- the child will be supported with monthly sustenance by providing supplies in kind, supplying of education material, uniform, civil dress, and contribution for tuition fee.
the sponsor will be given full details of the child and updated information will be sent once in 6 months. the donation is exempted under 80G of IT act.

sponsor a  destitute aged @ rs 500 pm/6000 pa

the most needy destitute aged will be provided with monthly sustenance support in kind like rice, dal, sugar, tea powder, cooking oil, coconut oil, bath/toilet soaps, vermicelli, biscuits, fruits, etc., monthly pocket expenses, health checkup, yearly once a dress and make them to feel secured and happy in the evening of their life.